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Rent - to - Own

As a Peer to Peer Vehicle Host, we want to help entrepreneurs, like you, wanting to work in the Gig Economy, driving for Rideshare and offering Delivery, an economical way of getting a vehicle to use that you can later purchase at a more convenient time, when your finances better allow and at a small price.

So for example:

Rent (6-12 months)

Purchase price $1,000

*for illustration purposes only



  • Affordable transportation

  • Vehicle with Keyless Entry

  • 1,000 miles per day 

  • Unlimited Personal Use

  • Yours to use 24/7




1. Apply and Get APPROVED

2. Select an available vehicle and pay for your 1st week or month of rental and insurance

3. Pick-up your vehicle or have it delivered to start working!

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