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Rent - to - Own

As a Peer to Peer Vehicle Host, we want to help entrepreneurs, like you, wanting to work in the Gig Economy, driving for Rideshare and offering Delivery, an economical way of getting a vehicle to use that you can later purchase at a more convenient time, when your finances better allow and at a small price.

Here's an example of how our Rent-to-Own program works.

*for illustration purposes only


You put up as little as $995 deposit, in some cases, and then, pay as little as $499 per month to rent the car (depending on discounts, vehicle type, insurance options and platform fees).

Payments usually reflect vehicle purchase in as little as 3-6 months. Once what we receive accumulates to our asking price, we'll offer you a Title and Bill of Sale for you to own the vehicle.

So, on a $3,990 vehicle, you put up $995 and make $499 per month rental payments (plus insurance and platform fees) for 6 months.


So, depending on vehicle price, discounts, insurance and platform fees, pay around $125-250 per week or $500-700 per month in most cases for as little as 6 months to own.

You may add the vehicle on your insurance 
or accept one of our insurance suggestions.

We accept credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards for rental payments. 


The numbers can be less depending on the vehicle and the anticipated rental period.

*for illustration purposes only



  • No Credit Check

  • Affordable transportation

  • We Maintain the vehicle

  • Vehicle with Keyless Entry

  • 1,000 miles per day 

  • Unlimited Personal Use

  • Yours to use 24/7




1. Select an available vehicle


2. Pay your quoted Deposit.


3. Pay for your 1st week or month of rental and insurance.

2. Pick-up your vehicle or have it delivered to start driving!

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